Gary Graham

As interviewed by Mae Rizk
"The year that I was around him the most, he was not at all strange. He was very calm and steady and sharp and I couldn’t have been more surprised at someone than him. "
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Jim Heinley

Pearl Heinley
"I do remember that it changed a lot of people's thinking about what was going on. It made us think about what was going on outside Richardson high school, and outside Richardson Texas and out of Texas and national and everything. At our age group, my people, who I went to school with, I don't even know if we ever talked about politics or, you know things like that, but that's all we talked about for the next few years, you know, to a certain extent."
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Lorraine S. McCarthy

Alyson McCarthy
"They offered my dad a chance to take this drug and see if it cured him, and it did."
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Chris R.

As interviewed by Logan Poore
"The president does not have the authority to pass executive decisions that will affect the people's right to keep and bear arms."
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Bill Spelman

As Interviewed by Ronan Spelman
"So there is no particular point in carrying a gun for 'self defense;' it is just a dumb idea."
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