Steve Rosen

Kira Rosen
"I didn't realize how serious guns were until this case."
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Peggy Cleaves

As Interviewed by: Lucy Sugawa
"There were bloody bodies, dead people lying around on the campus."
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Carol Levy

As Interviewed by Dylan Levy
"He looked beautiful, you wouldn't have even known he had a bad back, wouldn't have known anything. I simply remember him, standing and waving."
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Jack Robertson

As Interviewed By Tyler Hill
"I was driving my automobile on 24th street in Street in Austin Texas. I heard the news on the car radio."
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James Florence

As interveiwed by Aidan Martinez
"All regular programs were cancelled, and it was just news, news, news, news, news, news."
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Mary Allaway

Eli Tachovsky
"I did not realize the impact he was having, you know and I didn't know that was happening. I was just, I didn't know what was going on."
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Jay Hailey

Emma McBride
"The significance that was, some things happen to us, and we're in the state of shock, we don't understand the significance."
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