Holly Childs

As Interviewed by Liam Childs
"Once we went to three or four establishments and had all the pie we could stand or been turned away as many times as we could stand we would go back to the university."
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Pankil Matalia

As Interviewed by Ashna Bhansali
"The first thing that came to mind is that I forgive everybody in this process."
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Petti Redding

As interviewed by Sam Alvarez
"People are people. People love who they love, and nobody, nobody chooses this life. Nobody chooses it. It is not a choice. That's the biggest thing. Who would choose to get their rights taken away? Who would choose to be ridiculed?"
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Michelle Richardson

As Interviewed by Chris S.
"Sometimes when working with indigenous people in the country they are not used to seeing a women be in charge, give a presentation, or write a book, so itís kind of hard for them to believe and actually listen to you and give you credit for it."
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Ranjana Natarajan

As interviewed by Ronan Rolston
"I think that the power of the state sometimes to detain people, and to deprive people of their physical liberty, that's a very awesome power, and it needs to be constrained and very limited."
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Mary C. Rudy

Jackie J. R. Meisel
"The only reason I knew about it was because I had good friend who was already working...so I suspected that it was going on in other places, but you just don't know about it, you don't have any proof that its happening. I think that the prejudice still exists its just not so obvious."
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Geneva N.

As Interviewed by Luke N
"I hid my face in my fatherís legs because even though Glen had hurt me and taken a piece of my ear off, I felt sorry for him, because no one should be treated like that."
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Lola Stephens-Bell

As Interviewed by Carly Atwell
"I was hurt. I was depressed. I was lost. I was very very scared. I experienced a lot of rejection, misunderstanding. When people, when they initially first met me they just looked at me as nothing, and they didnít know I was gold on the inside of me."
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Mary Grace Dromi Hume

As Interviewed by J.V.
"And it was a melting pot, they called New York a melting pot and it was. And it was kind of neat. You really did meet all these different cultures. Though you didnít know it then, you kind of absorbed it."
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Brian Thompson

As Interviewed by Cole Kennedy
"I think Texas will be told that they have to allow same-sex marriages. I don't think they will do it on their own."
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My Sister

As Interviewed By Fallon B.
"I don't think it's really fair that we have to just sit around and do what we're told, even if we know it's not right,"
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Mieke Koetsier

As Interviewed By Champ Turner
"That was a very sad time because, my father was taken away as a prisoner of war by the Japanese and my mother had to live in a camp with her younger children."
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Elsa GarcŪa de Mendoza Corona del Rosal

As Interviewed by Emma Zuckerman
"In some stores, there were bathrooms for whites and black bathrooms for blacks. This also was ridiculous."
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Beth Jewell

As Interviewed by Jordan Jewell
"If you see it shake or if you talk to me and Iím slurring my speech, a lot of people treat me like Iím not very smart, they may treat me like Iím not able to do something. "
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Kayla Brock

As Interviewed by Katherine Havranek
"I was really sad when I found out what had happened. I was angry at TJ for what he did because it wasn't right, and it wasn't fair even though he had the disease. It was also relieving because I knew that he would get the best care for his disease in jail."
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Duane Charles Runkle

As Interview by Christian Kennedy
"We left in civilian clothes, even though you're carrying a duffel bag, and people would flip you off, call you a baby killer..."
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Cleaburne F.

As Interviewed by Ellen Fritz
"The 9 year old stayed with the Apache Indians. He would fight against white people, he would hunt like the Indians, and he would scalp white men. He did everything the Indians did in those days to the white people."
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Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

As Interviewed by Rachel Cox
"The common language of the world is not love. The common language of the world is not music. The common language of the world is suffering."
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Janna Griffin

As interviewed by Riley Church
"I'm not trying to wave a rainbow flag at my school, or make anyone else decide that it's okay for them or for their family or how they view things. But just knowing that I'm me, and that's just part of me."
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Frank Li

As Interviewed by Allen Li
"Well you know, the world is composed of all different kinds of races. All races are to be respected and should have equal rights."
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Asians and the education system

"And your typical white American, my peers, got into a better school then I did even though there score had lower GPA and lower advanced GOE score."
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Patrick Rick

Miranda Simon
"Disability, the word itself, is an automatic hindrance to the person that has a disability. The best thing to do is don't look at it as a disability, look at it as an alternative to work harder in a different area that doesn't require you to aggravate that limitation."
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Jim Brown

As interveiwed by Yo Seb Cha
"Itís not a good feeling. Itís a feeling of making one race feel like superiors. You feel like you're left out. You feel like a second class citizen."
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Jill Leuzinger

As Interviewed by Joshua Shear
"I think itís wrong. I think itís just out of ignorance. I just think that itís a matter of power and itís a matter of being a minority in a world that just doesnít understand. They canít understand, they havenít lived it."
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Fernando Velasco

As interviewed by Julia Veri
"But the biggest reward is when I get letters from people, even if they didn't get a scholarship, letting me know that whatever we did here, at the club, it changed their life."
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R.S. Interviewing Rala Stone on women rights

"There were young people, old people, people of different races, and they had all come . . ."
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Hillary C.

As interviewed by Ireland C.
"This was just how they were going to treat women, by exclusion and joking. "
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Nermeen Mounier

As interviewed by: Malak Tousson
"...I found that the building on the other side, across the street, was gone. It was a huge building, ... And it was all collapsed. It was a big, huge hill on the ground! "
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Garry Mauro

As Interviewed by Frank Mauro
"I decided that just making money wasnít going to satisfy me. I had to make a difference."
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Afifa Nizami

As Interviewed by Jules H.
"I just felt like there was no equality between guys and girls. There was no justice."
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Matt Greenfield

As interviewed by Zen Farris
"I only judge people by their personality and not by who they are with."
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Jennifer Harriger

As Interviewed by Charlee Savinelli
"I always held the opinion that I was against the politician but I wasnít against the soldier. So thatís why I didnít feel, for me, that protesting would work, because it was the politician who made the decision, but I didnít want to communicate to the soldier, I wanted to be supportive of the soldiers. "
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A Man from Gaza

As interviewed by Yazan Abughazaleh
"Many many times in Gazaís history, Gaza was destroyed and finished but come out again from ashes. As the bird of fire. "
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Victoria Bailey

As Interviewed by C.A.
"I would raise my hand in class, and the teacher, she wouldnít call on me, even when I knew the right answer."
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Tony Shi

As Interviewed by Madelene Shi
"I was waiting outside the restaurant and suddenly, a pickup truck pulled over and stopped right in front of me. Kids opened the window and yelled at me, 'Why dont you go back to Asia!' "
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Susan Dolling

Sophia Takvorian
"Whoever has children and are told this and that, don't ever give up on them, keep helping them progress..."
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James Beeler

As Interviewed by S.B.
"Everybody thinks theyíre right and when you go into court of law, your job is to convince someone whoís already made up their mind that theyíre wrong."
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Staley Gray

As Interviewed by Ava L.
"Some people have their own problems and take it out an animal because they're helpless."
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Parvaneh Johnson

As Interviewed by Adelaide J.
"A male servant in our house had more rights than I did"
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Doris Macdaniel

As Interviewed by Greta Quill
""One thing none of my brothers and sister can ever say is that we were hungry.""
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Julie Andersen

As Interviewed by Simon Andersen
"When my ex- partner and I decided to have kids, we made a commitment that we would be proud of ourselves, and proud of our family. Never pass that shame along. For the last 17 years that's been a real commitment I've made to myself. "
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Nurit Patt

As interviewed by Ellie Patt
"They told me I could not be a dog trainer because I was a woman. And I was really angry about that, and they wanted me to be a secretary and I said no way, and the other option I had was go and work in a kibbutz, and live in a kibbutz, and help that way."
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Sher Khan

As Interviewed by Arsal Farooq
"In mountaineering you have to be very, very lucky, to accomplish all these things you have to be very, very lucky"
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Lan Tran

As Interviewed by Garrett Urbach
"At that time, currency was constantly changing; thatís how the communist government kept hold of people. The only thing that was good was gold. So, my mom sold a lot of her wedding jewelry, and other jewelry that she had to buy us tickets onto boats. When we left, I was just a baby. We couldn't pack a lot so basically, she [her mom] just layered up clothes, so it was just the clothes that we had on us."
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As Interviewed by Andru Rees-Eissler
"Your parents and your family chooses for you."
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Douglas Stewart

As Interviewed by Everett Butler
"We had just secured Okinawa and the next day we wanted Japan"
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Isabel Alejandra Hamlet

As Interviewed by Abby Rindfuss
"Its this dichotomy, like I am Mexican, and I still cook Mexican, and we speak Spanish in the house, and we do all these things that are very Mexican, but I am an American because this is where I can vote- I am part of this community."
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Cory Lowder and Kevin Holmes

As interviewed by Kevin Lips
"The best revenge to anybody thatís trying to put you down or trying to discriminate against you is to be happy."
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