Emi Zimmerman

Kevin Masuo
""You know for the first time, New Yorkers weren't known for being very nice to each other because they are just rushing around. Thinking about themselves, but for the first time, everybody was paying attention to the people around them.""
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Aashna Patel

As interviewed by Sahil Patel
""The water rose up to 14 feet onto Ellis Island, it was basically underwater.""
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Ajith Nair

As interviewed by Akshaya Ranjit
"Often times at my age, my peers, my fellow workers, we're all focused on advancing into the perils of life."
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Lois Fingerman

As interviewed by Lillian Yeazell
"Some of the Jewish experiences were wonderful and some of them were very frightening."
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Gary Graham

As interviewed by Mae Rizk
"The year that I was around him the most, he was not at all strange. He was very calm and steady and sharp and I couldnt have been more surprised at someone than him. "
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Juan Zalles

As interviewed by: Alex Zalles
"The hard part about culture shocks is that you don't know when you're going to run into one"
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Hong Shik Kim

As Interviewed by Lois Lee
"Back then, it was very hard living in Korea because everyone was so poor. The Korean War motivated me to study harder and become more successful."
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Venkatakrishna Gelli

As interviewed by Pranav B.
"For sometime they can hold it back [but] when that keeps mounting in their hearts sometimes it has to be blown out, otherwise it will be more damaging."
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Trasi Judd

As Interviewed by: Alexa Judd
"My parents didn't plan to have me, I think I was a bit of an accident. But they had me anyway, and when I was growing up they were pretty distant."
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Kathryn Davis

"As a child in grade school I didn't actually notice that there weren’t black children there."
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Donna S.

As interviewed by Tom S.
"Powerful hatred and anger and prejudice can just be so destructive."
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Turk and Christy Pipkin

As interviewed by Ciara Halia Conway
"Just because of the circumstances of their birth, they shouldn't be denied that opportunity."
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Tom Mahnke

As Interviewed by Asa Simpson
"It's kind of like being someone who survived cancer or a major health issue. You realize that there are no guarantees that you're going to live a full life, [so] don't leave any regrets on the table. "
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Lisa Spitzer

As Interviewed by Noah S.
"It is something that will be way in the past. It was important then and it is important today, but we will all be seen as just equal and just living our lives and trying to do the right thing and be the best person we can."
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Diya Liu

as interviewed by Dian Liu
"There�s actually a lot of racism, subtle or not so subtle, on a daily basis, whether people want to admit it or not."
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Pat Brown

As Interviewed by Lucy Segerstrom
"" we were still good friends and we ran around even though she was rich and I wasn�t. ""
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Mark Yzanga

As interviewed by Sam Christian
"More people voted in that election than almost any other city election we've ever had"
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Chidambara Thanu Pillai

Nithin Chidambara
"I will join the movement if necessary to oppose them in whatever way possible. For the nation I am ready to do whatever help they need."
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Y2K Interview on Lynne Maddox

Andrew Maddox
"It [Y2K] was a time and we all got through it. there was a bug or two, but everything seemed fine."
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First Hand History Interview with Nils Juul-Hansen

By Ian Juul-Hansen
"In America, everything is very big, very expressive. In denmark, less is more in Denmark, but here, more is less."
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Cheng Xiao Bai

As interviewed by Allen Zhao
"The South Pole is one of the few places on earth that haven�t been polluted by air or water. My colleagues and friends are all very carefull when it comes to protecting the environment. We couldn�t litter Antarctica and had to be even more to try not harming the vegetation there."
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Ramon Morejon

As Interviewed by Alisha Morejon
"We talked about being in the army, but we weren't prepared. No one's prepared for that."
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Elizabeth Trott

As Interviewed by Madelyn Madiedo
"When I was a kid, every time you said 'goodbye' it could be the last time and that's how u was brought up. That it could be the last time you see them before you go."
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Linda Chanow

As Interviewed By Tobias C.
"I couldn't reach my husband... there was a lot of worry."
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Ishwar Chandra Gupta

As interviewed by Maya Ravi
"Knowledge is not sufficient. Knowledge is not enough."
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Doreen Joffe

as interviewed by Emmet Benaryeh
"There was newspaper censorship and there was censorship of the books we were taught out of and in the books we could read."
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Rima Elhagehassan

Noor Elhagehassan
"" I love being around people who are more understanding and who believe I am a peaceful person and my religion is peaceful and that the scarf doesn't define me as a person""
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Gilbert Tuhaboye

Emmett Peters
""I had this theory that all the students got together and walk out of the school . If we die, we die as group. If we get killed we get killed as a community"."
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Mansi Mehta

As Interviewed By Ishaan M.
"Killing enlightened people is really not going to get us anywhere in this world we're, not going to achieve anything."
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Elizabeth Pettit

As interviewed by Ellen L.
""...there was this giant dust ball coming towards you, and you could see it before you could feel it.""
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Kay Iversen

As interviewed by Georgia McLeod
"Boys who graduated in the same class [as me] were being snapped up by large urban newspapers easily, and some of the same places I applied to I later found boys I knew in the same class were getting, even people who were possibly less qualified."
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Richard Auby

As Interviewed by: Wally Auby
"In my Armor Officer Basic Corps, there were 300 of us in the class and we were told that all of us were going to Vietnam. A third of the class went directly to Vietnam, and another third of the class went to Germany or Korea before going to Vietnam. The rest of us went to Army Posts in the U.S. and we were told that we would be there for three to four months before we would go to Vietnam."
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Diya Liu

Dian Liu
"There’s actually a lot of racism, subtle or not so subtle, on a daily basis, whether people want to admit it or not."
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Jim Heinley

Pearl Heinley
"I do remember that it changed a lot of people's thinking about what was going on. It made us think about what was going on outside Richardson high school, and outside Richardson Texas and out of Texas and national and everything. At our age group, my people, who I went to school with, I don't even know if we ever talked about politics or, you know things like that, but that's all we talked about for the next few years, you know, to a certain extent."
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Lara Lampert

As interviewed by Adison Lampert
"The look on his face had so much anger and disgust. I was confused at what I had done. I was so unsure of what I had done to make this little boy angry, but then I realized that I had spaghetti straps on."
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Alan Grogono

As interviewed by Lilly Grogono
"The health of people in England was greater during WWll than before or afterwards."
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Joseph Diraddo

Charlie Diraddo
"Martin Luther King was at his prime at that time, he was the great Leader, but there were many others too. They were great men fighting a bitter battle."
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Bruce Gilbert

As Interviewed by Olivia Gilbert
"It cost us a lot of soldiers and lives and so forth but I would have to say it was probably worth it, if any war is worth it"
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Elaine FabichJewart

As Interviewed by Helen Jewart
"From Hamburg, Germany, they sailed to the United States and came in at Ellis Island."
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Adeina Tucker

As interviewed by Vincent Kang
"What you see here, what you do here, what you leave here, let it stay here."
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The Troubles

Samuel Larson
"They Built A wall that separated Us"
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Enma Anderson

Interviewed by Felix Maples
"It was a whole different culture and i didn't have my family with me."
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Lorraine S. McCarthy

Alyson McCarthy
"They offered my dad a chance to take this drug and see if it cured him, and it did."
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Donald Griffith Interview

"Don't go to war"
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Keisha Bentley Edwards

Ryder Klager
"I thought he was looking at me!"
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Gonzalo Barrientos

Nadine Sauer
"I was just a little old student watching everything go by, so, I did know, I mean, Edward Delgado, who I believe, became a bilingual school teacher in Houston, Texas, I think. The whole situation of life just affected me. And then after I ran for office, I saw it affecting the whole world, in terms of what I can do to change that for all kids, regardless of their color. "
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Bakery Zoumanigui

By:Laurel Schultz
"We have all this technology all the resources we have smart people, you know, but people get so caught up with their beliefs and convictions,that it's hard to break that and be like hey let's have a civilized conversation about this. "
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Ingrid Bozarth

As Interviewed by Tobias Dobbs
"That's why our job is so important, most people call us on there very worst day. People don't call us when everything's going great, they call us when everything's going bad."
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Sue Rummel

Meg Rowan
"You need a sense of humor to teach, and don't get too mad about things. "
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Alison Lin

As Interviewed by Erin Lopez-Lin
"You need to speak up for how you feel and it's going to be a slow process before anything can change, but just voice your concern and fight for your right. "
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Sara Villanueva

As Interviewed by Josephine Wilson
"And the people there are like, "Wait a minute. You can't take our houses, and our money, and our culture too! and our food, and our music." They feel like it's being watered down, because people are taking on their culture, that are not even for the culture."
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Jacqueline Lavier

As Interviewed by Lily Lavier
"Anyway at the time girls were automatically sent to study to become secretaries or seamstress' or things like that. But it was often secretary. It was normal for the adult not to ask our opinion too. It was like that."
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Rosie Levin

Sydney Grossfeld
"It really was not a daily part of my life. I just lived like everybody else did although I knew I was different because I had no family."
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Sheldon Hawkins

As Interviewed by Jake Miller
"Now it's all just a distant memory"
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Kab-hue Lee

As Interviewed by Jean Lee
"Even though we mourn the dead, we must move on in our lives."
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Elizabeth Pillette

Caelen Pillette
"My mother said one day when she came back from the underground, every house opposite us along the road was flat"
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Rob Kohler

As Interviewed by Reagon Kohler
"For every action, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. "
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Phyllis Schunk

As Interviewed by Walker G.
"We forget how recently we had white terrorists in our own country."
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