As Interviewed by WA
"People... want to be involved in... the destruction of the mental health stigma."
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Courtney Santana

As Interviewed by Jessie Connolly
"I think because of this journey and this path that I was on, I have the mission."
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Thomas Harrington

As Interviewed by Charlotte R.
"We were without power for about eight weeks, and with all the trees that blew down and everything, we got power back earlier than expected."
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James Dvorak

As interviewed by Miles Dvorak
"And all of a sudden, there was a brilliant flash of orange light, and everyone kind of went, what was that? And you got about that far with what you said, and the shockwave hit."
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Leigh Holt

As Interviewed by Pearl McNabb
"The vibrations from the shuttle were so big that the fish would jump out of the water!"
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Steve Rosen

Kira Rosen
"I didn't realize how serious guns were until this case."
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Chandan Patel

As Interviewed by Anushka Parag
"We left everything as it was in Mozambique. You couldn’t take anything."
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Tony Plohetski

As interviewed by Catie G.
"I will always remember what I was doing that night."
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Natalie Davis

As Interviewed by Ella Williams
"I guess I did cry once."
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Peggy Cleaves

As Interviewed by: Lucy Sugawa
"There were bloody bodies, dead people lying around on the campus."
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Trudy Strassburger

As Interviewed by Soren Colfax
"There have been other DNA Labs across the country that have had problems, but the Austin DNA Lab nationally is seen as the worst. What was happening here was worse than any other city in the U.S."
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Karen Morgan

As Interviewed by Ethan Dahmus
"And they're like oh my god that's a better cookie than I bought at the grocery store or that's a better pie than at the grocery store. That's what's worth its weight in gold."
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Zulfi Kureshi

As Interviewed by Anya Kureshi
"This is not the religion I believe in, this is somebody’s twisted view of religion."
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Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Zoe Rabinowitz
"It was like being in an airless dungeon--there was no free air to breathe. And it was all dead, worn out, and dreary. The Prague Spring just opened it up, like opening the windows and letting the fresh air and sunshine in."
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Robert "Bob" Williamson

As interviewed by Alex WIlliamson
"I looked back, and there was a mushroom cloud going up in the air. Hundreds and hundreds of feet, maybe thousands of feet in the air, near where the hooch was where my friends and I lived"
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Shaun Lamont

as interviewed by Phoenix Lamont
"A lot of people are still living the way they were 3000 years ago."
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John Sizlack

By Andrew Eisenhauer
""In my experience in life, usually the people that are very scared are actually very interested in it and they don’t want people to know that they like that, or, they are also going a through a “Am I having these feelings?” and “Can I accept myself with these feelings?”"
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O’neil Wiegele

As Interviewed by, Jackson Amy
"There was times when we didn't get the best of treatment but that is to be expected."
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Liuetenant Colonel (Retired) Melissa Fahrni

As Interviewed by Audric Scales
"You reach a point where you wonder, are you doing the right thing..."
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Doug Ulman

As interviewed by Lane Loudamy
"Life is very fragile and every day is really special"
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W.B. Woodruff Jr.

As Interviewed by Aiden Woodruff
"I got malaria. Nearly everybody over there got some malaria."
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Ann Rolling

As Interviewed by Luke Knight
"I never asked why don't they come to school at our school, why can't we eat together?"
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Gayle Griffing Browning

As Interviewed by Grace Woodruff
"I felt like I couldn't be myself because I was more comfortable in my jeans than a dress any day."
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Hans Ewe

As interviewed by Alec Ewe
"In the air you see life from another perspective."
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Joan and Myles Duffy

As Interviewed by Finn Duffy
"I always felt that war was far away, but yes, I did have a fear that war would come to our country."
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Don Bos

As Interviewed by Andres Hernandez
"You know they're just going off everywhere all around you. It wasn't a boom, it was a crack like somebody cracked a whip."
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Nancy Kennedy

As Interviewed by Noah Kennedy
"You are basically punishing people for being poor, and we shouldn’t be doing that."
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Tony C.

As interviewed by Lila Wilson
"I only remember them catching me or tackling me once, but that fear was there every day."
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Beverly Douglas

As interviewed by Lilli Long
"It was just illegal, completely illegal."
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Luo De Liang

Darlene Lai
"It was not one individual who changed the city, it was a group effort."
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Sanjay Mishra

As Interviewed by Priya Mishra
"I became much more curious, flexible, comfortable with my ability to handle new situations. I became a much more interested learner and became much more comfortable with taking risks and doing new things."
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Park Sang-Eun

As Interviewed by Sohyun Kim
"I had heard about it happening in the workplaces, but I never imagined it would happen to me"
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Sid Morris

As interviewed by Lyle Morris
"We rescued 21 on the first pass, then went back and got 11."
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Mary Holmes

Alec Hoelscher
"As my dad used to always say, we have no where else to go, this is it. We're Cubans in America and we have no where else."
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Michelle Haché

As Interviewed by Tennyson Tole
"It's okay to be fierce in defending your beliefs, in defending that you think we need these things in our lives, that we feel we need these things as a society, it's okay to be that way right now... I think it's the only way that we're going to come out of this alive."
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Lois Smith

Maya Martinez
"When I look back on it, I don´t look at it with sadness. I look back on tuberculosis as a learning experience. I wouldn't be who I was now if I was never diagnosed."
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Cristina Cabello C. de Martinez

"As a girl I felt really powerful that I was in an army, and I was in the army of Jesus."
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Roy Benavidez

As interviewed by Jake T
"Our society tends to mistreat or assume that people with disabilities are lesser than people without disabilities. We as humans have civil rights, equally."
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Carol Levy

As Interviewed by Dylan Levy
"He looked beautiful, you wouldn't have even known he had a bad back, wouldn't have known anything. I simply remember him, standing and waving."
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Jasmine Gaynier

As interviewed by Jasmine Gaynier
""If you see the world standing up, and you’re talking to someone who sees the world sitting down, they’re seeing things you don’t see. You better listen to them." "
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Diana Ventura

By Neha Kamble
"I told people that we have a responsibility as human beings to help those in need"
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Sandra Haley-Lichty

As Interviewed by Brynn Lampert
"What shocked me the most was the behavior of ordinary people that were standing across the street protesting."
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Matt Chinn

as interviewed by Max Hoff
"Forests fires burn things down and the trees grow back and one day we aren't going to talk about this anymore."
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Peter Lips

As Interviewed by Annika Beach
"Everything was destroyed from the bombings."
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Saeb Salam

Shivani Regan
"...hearing bombs everyday, or not going to school once or twice a week is something that became kind of normal for me."
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U Aye

As Interviewed by Lorelai Myint
"If the U.S. hadn’t bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan would have never loosened their grip on us."
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Jack Robertson

As Interviewed By Tyler Hill
"I was driving my automobile on 24th street in Street in Austin Texas. I heard the news on the car radio."
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George Westrom

As interviewed by Eli Cox
"I could see the bombs getting dropped out of the airplanes."
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James Florence

As interveiwed by Aidan Martinez
"All regular programs were cancelled, and it was just news, news, news, news, news, news."
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Baskaran Sundaram

As interviewed by Sidharth Baskaran
"Many people, including me were not able to get to work on time, or not at all."
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Glenna M. Soirez

Ian Lin
"Our base was shelled could always hear gunfire off base."
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Natacha Jones

As Interviewed by Liam Green Musselman
"A few hours later we found a bullet shell in my parents bedroom, and so of course panic set in, and through the walkie-talkies they informed my father and the other UN employees that we had to evacuate as quickly as possible,and we had to pack our bags very quickly and we did just that."
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Charlotte Decker, Margaret Connell

As interviewed by Olivia Alejandre
"I went out there and said, 'If you don’t take them, then I’m leaving!'"
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Frances Pacheco Camacho Brooks

As interviewed by Gustavo Brooks
"I feel like there are many people that are very talented and very smart, and they were born in very poor countries with very limited opportunities, and then these people are leaving it all out there to cross the border and search for a better life."
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Lillian Kao

As Interviewed by Belinda Lin
"It's better to run and live in a free country than live in a Communist country."
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Melissa Williams

As Interviewed by John Savage
"These men aren't monsters, they’re just like you and me. "
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Anahita Jalilvand

Shanja Ferdous
"Sometimes people think that doctors only look like old, white-bearded men and this obviously isn't the case anymore."
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9/11 Attacks

Gus Lindell
"No one anticipated planes with 100, 200 innocent people to be turned into weapons, killing everybody."
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Vijay Karnik

Arnav Karnik
"Natives like us... Indians, didn't have much of a say during England's regime."
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Mary Allaway

Eli Tachovsky
"I did not realize the impact he was having, you know and I didn't know that was happening. I was just, I didn't know what was going on."
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Geronimo Rodriguez

As interviewed by Lorenzo Martinez
"And to my mom she didn't say anything. She didn't say good morning she didn't say hello. All she did was turn the wheel of the cash register."
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Walter "Skip" Frick Cox

As Interviewed by Miloni Patel
"Being in the military gives you a chance to serve something bigger than yourself."
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Dr. Udayashankar Bhagawatula

As interviewed by Tushar Bhagawatula
"It is not a ban at all. It is an exchange."
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Nathan Woodward

As interviewed by Sylvie Daines
"She had to choose between work, sleep, and maintaining her grades."
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郝俊 and 常春

As interviewed by Edward Hao
"... only when you respect the knowledge and the teacher can the country and youth learn and advance..."
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William Booth

As interviewed by Nathaniel Reed
"Journalism is like writing the first draft of history. We get a good front seat to watch the world, and see what's happening."
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Gene Eisinger

As Interviewed by Megan Hart
"It was me and Tom, walking for six hours out in the dark."
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