Steve Marlier

As Interviewed by Fiona Tanis
"Particularly in the first six months we would have rocket attacks."
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Daniel Prath

As Interviewed by Lily Prath
"The biggest take away that I have is that most people in the world are good, and most people in the world have, you know, they just want to be safe, and live, and let their kids grow, and have a life. I think that this would knock down a lot of these crazy political walls that we put up between each other."
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Susanna Busico

As Interviewed by Miles Metzger
"It made me realize that all along these schools in the south say they were separate but equal. They were not equal. Those kids were not learning what everyone else was learning. It was very discouraging, but I felt optimistic that now they were learning."
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Leonard Gershon

As Interviewed by Ted Gershon
"At eight o'clock at night on a Sunday... They called me over and said, 'You're going to the Russian border.'"
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Lee Yeakel

As interviewed by Kat Reagan
"The government that governs best is the government that governs least."
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Kim Rosenberg

As Interviewed by Jaelin Su
"I was riding the elevator up when the first plane struck the North Tower."
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Jose Angel Cedillos

As interviewed by Bryan Cedillos
"I could hear the bullets and the scandal of people and planes. I was scared because I did not know what was happening at that moment."
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Patryk Kaminski

As Interviewed by Karina Kaminski
"Whatever noble details were behind [communism], we never saw much of that in Poland."
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Doug Kilday

As Interviewed By Judge Baskin
"It was very much a spiritual experience and it was very much a sense that God was using people to accomplish Godís purposes."
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Jim Duke

As interviewed by Charlie Weatherby
"I was an enlisted man when I first joined."
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Jianmei Wu

Crystal Ying
"I don't understand why he treated the other neighbors so differently from us."
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Mark Carder

As interviewed by SJ Naftel
"We were in The White House and spent an entire day looking for the spot where I would take his pictures, and two days later I met with the president for about an hour and a half."
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Brian Lee Ramos

As Interviewed by A.J. Ramos
"For the most part it was praise. Every comment that I've ever had has been one of that's-that's a pretty stand up thing to do. It's pretty-it's different."
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Ashley Moran

As Interviewed by Rhea Moran
"Earlier that day, life had been going on as normal, but now we could hear the bombs dropping, and that was just..."
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Susan R.

As interviewed by Garrison F.
"Age is just a number."
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My Grandfather

As Interviewed by Tyler B.
"It probably had a lot to do with who I am today."
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Lisa Post

As Interviewed by Nora Kelly
"So it would be like the middle of the night and we'd be trying to call home."
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Kelvin Lam

As interviewed by Kaylie Lam
"There was no hope for us, we know we were the bottom of society and had no chance of getting anywhere."
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Shaheen H.

As interviewed by Hana H.
"I had seen what happened to people who were not well to do in my country. There is a difference in how people behave towards each other."
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Charlie Barnard

As Interviewed by Evie Barnard
"A computer back then was the size of a garage, and had less power than your cellphone."
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Patrice MelanÁon

As Interviewed by Cooper Roalson
"I think that if women can prove that they are physically capable of doing a job, they should be able to do anything that they want to do"
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Lin Li

Andy Wang
"My friends faces were frozen with FEAR."
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Chase Cunningham

As Interviewed by Hays Turner
"My first outing was to go to Baskin Robbins and have a scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and not have to worry about taking an insulin shot after or testing my blood sugar, and that was really my first introduction to what life would be like."
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Frank Del Castillo

As Interviewed by Alex Kiehn
"And I can remember standing in the middle of a three lane access road, waving my hands, trying to get somebody to stop, and then I realize there is a knife in my hand, who's gonna stop for someone with a knife in their hand?"
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Joshua Thompson

As interviewed by Adam Reisman
"I didnít start running until my freshman year of high school."
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Emily and Shannon Spurgeon

As interviewed by Ava Spurgeon
"I do remember feeling glad we moved to New York when we did because I feel like if we were supposed to come after 9/11 we might not have gone, and I was so glad to be there, you know, in those years"
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Gilbert Tubahonye

As Interviewed by Sophia Dale
"I had a faith, I had a voice that kept telling me that I will be alright, that I will escape. "
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Frank Zhu

As interviewed by Emma Chu
"At that time, all I dreamed was to be a true scientist, so I didnít care where to go, or which environment. I just wanted to go to the best place to study."
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Desi Burns Porter

Owen Beasley
"There wasn't any hesitation to uproot his family and flee to another country."
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Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Ally Kellar
"Everything that my family owned was taken away by the government."
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Diana Kropka

As Interviewed by Alexis Pool
"It was the size of a twin mattress, five feet tall post, all the way around it, and it was a cage."
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Kellsey Stokes

As Interviewed by Aidan Stokes
"They couldnít understand that the Mafia was not a norm for any of us."
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David Berwald

As interviewed by Abbey Stein
"They were viewed as an inferior people. They became a scapegoat for other people. Iíve always viewed it that any person who looks down on other people is wrong. Iíve accepted everybody and I try to be nice to everyone. "
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John Golden

As interviewed by Nate Mackintosh
"A lot of people didnít understand the capacity of everything the Secret Service did other than covering the president the protecting the president. "
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Mary Odom

As Interviewed by Asa Shepard
"It was like you weren't a full-fledged citizen."
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Ian Crocker

As interviewed by EL
"I feel like this is the best way to help people with what Iíve gone through in my life, and to help them learn from the lessons that I learned."
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Frank Flanagan

As Interviewed by Calvin Auby
"And the gravity of the situation... we all slept very well at night actually. It was not like being in Vietnam or someplace where you sleep with one eye open"
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Sarah Martin

As Interviewed by Will S.
"And it was the smell of the fires, initially, but once the fires subsided, then was the smell of - dead things. "
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Rene Portier

As interviewed by Clara P
"I came home after the 14 months of training to say good-bye to all of my family because we were leaving but we didn't know if we were going to come back."
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Toshio Nishida

as interviewed by Eva Schwarm
"We usually study at school or study at home or study at juku."
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Shilpa K.

by Nirmiti K.
"And after some time we heard ambulances and police cars coming, you know the sirens."
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Joshua Ajayi

Peter Sadibo
"He said to himself, he said 'I need to do something about this situation'."
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Jim Li

As Interviewed by Jeffrey Li
"Even though we were poor at that time, we had very good teachers and a very good school..."
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Joe Rice

As interviewed by Gavin Ratcliff
"If just tapped the brakes the propeller would curl up."
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Bill Scheel

As Interviewed by Margaret Hearne
"I walked up the stairs and there was a sign that said ďColored BathroomĒ And I said to myself, ďWhere are we? What country is this?Ē"
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Anna Walczak

As Interviewed by Victor Walczak
"It's just giving me... the memory"
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Susan Burek

As Interviewed by Leticia Ortega
"Priya was two, three, four, and five when I adopted her."
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As Interviewed by Z.D.
"The USSR wasnít the best. It wasnít bad, but now things have changed for the better."
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Lilian Dubon

As Interviewed by Gabriel Keller
"We knew either we were gonna be dead, like somebody would've killed us, or we were gonna get involved with gangs."
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Karri Kline

As Interviewed by Rhi Spicer
"Somebody had to do it, and I just happened to be one of the knumbskulls that decided to."
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Terri Valenzuela

As Interviewed by Sophia Roberts
"When they were playing in the playoffs and winning games, to them it was just ordinary. Thatís what they did, thatís what they knew."
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Diana Condra

As Interviewed by Corbin Keller
"They were just people trying to make a living"
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Miguel Suarez

As Interviewed X. K.
"You wouldn't think that something so small could do much harm."
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Robert Rosholt

As interviewed by Allison Rosholt
"We were all poor at that time-by poor, I mean poor of spirit."
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Oscar Woytek

As interviewed by Jack Woytek
"There are some people that are going to feel like they are better than somebody else. We are all equal."
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Sheri Innerarity

Anna Eastin
"I could see from the devastation that there were going to be patients somewhere."
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Gretchen Shartle

As Interviewed by Hailey Ripp
"I would catch glimpses...of these poor people... I thought 'my goodness, that's hard for them' and I felt the need to help."
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Rina Ferrarelli

As Interviewed by Maggie Provost
"It took us five years."
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Eleanor Thompson

As interviewed by Myra Karpinski
"The harder issue would be more like physical dysphoria, which is the sort of disconnect that I feel between myself and my body and my experiences."
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Mohamad Elhagehassan

As Interviewed by Ali Elhagehassan
"I remember I came here with only 300 dollars."
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Christopher Smith

As Interviewed by Ashton Smith
"It was the most beautiful green Iíd ever seen in my lifeÖ"
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Cassandra Chang

As interviewed by Trevor Yu
"Sometimes we think we have control of things, but sometimes we actually have zero control."
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Sunni Markowitz

By: Laney Stephens
"Stay true to who you are and what you believe in."
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Nancy Wang

As Interviewed by Daniel Wang
"After two or three years we knew we would never go back."
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Harold E. Dayton

Cole M.
"I thought I was being mistreated because I had to work all the time but as it turned out that was the best thing that ever happened to me."
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Kate Thephavithy

As interviewed by: Sophia Pannell
"I remember I was able to walk so we walked for a long time and we almost got caught and if we would've got caught we would've been shot and killed."
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Uma Devi

As Interviewed by Geetika Polavarapu
"My mother told me to marry him. So I did. "
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Michael Natenberg

"These Palestinian kids... they haven't actually seen the ocean even though it's only 45 minutes away. "
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Fred Cisnaros

As interviewed by Devin p
"I was I wild, crazy fool."
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Daniel Mccord

As Interviewed by Helen Singletary
"And it just seemed impossible, it seemed impossible that we weren't just coming under attack everyday."
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Marjo Rogers

As Interviewed by Kepler Huntress
"She one time, she scared me half to death and started chasing me"
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Kazinga Kisabi

As interviewed by Caylee Rincon
"You can walk here to a certain distance you are tired you can sleep in a bush, and in the day you wake up and continue the journey and then when you are tired you can just sleep in a bush just like that."
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Police Brutality

"I never looked at police the same way again."
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Faustino Guinto

As Interviewed by Natalie Chau
"Every now and then we would see bodies floating, those were casualties of the fight, of the battle. They would just throw them in the river."
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