Elaine Hartle

As interviewed by William Slatton, March 12, 2014
"The biggest [problem with foster care] in Texas, well nationwide, is that foster care is supposed to be a very short-term layer between reuniting children with their biological family or getting them adopted, but thereís so much back and forth now that more and more youth are growing up in this system thatís not whatís meant to be. So you have youth that by the time they are in their teens have been in 15 or 20 different places. So thereís just a lack of security, a lack of a constant force in their lives and those are big struggles."
Elaine Hartle

Introductory Profile: About: Elaine Hartle

The subject of this interview is Elaine Hartle. Mrs. Hartle was the co-founder of the THRU project. THRU is a small organization in San Antonio Texas which works with children who are currently in or have experienced foster care. THRU is currently funded exclusively by private donations, and works with children of almost any age. They work by pairing suitable mentors with children who volunteer to take part in THRU. These mentors are simply someone who the children can turn to in the absence of another adult to ask for any kind of guidance that they might require, which of course varies greatly. THRU is currently a rather small organization, but it will soon receive license to be funded by corporate donations and will then attempt to expand its reach even farther.

Elaine Hartle currently resides in San Antonio Texas where she continues to work with THRU. She was born in Texas and has lived here nearly her entire life. She is also the daughter of the fairly well-known Francis Andries, inventor of the electronic stethoscope. She is one of the eldest of nine children all of whom were born in Texas.

Thanks to the devoted work of Mrs. Hartle and her fellow board members THRU has already affected many of the lives of our foster youth. Not long ago THRU was nothing more than a service project run by the local church, but Elaine Hartle and a few other individuals refused to stop there, turning a small service project into an organization that would forever thange the lives of many. THRU has been able to give a huge number of Texas' foster youth a new chance at a bright future, where otherwise they would likely have ended up on the streets. Today THRU continues to influence the lives of many, accomplishing something no organization of its kind has done before.