Audrey McCann

As Interviewed by Savannah Riddles, March 16, 2014
"I did and still feel like I'm not one hundred percent part of the family because I can hear."
Audrey McCann

Introductory Profile: About Audrey McCann

Audrey Marie McCann was born in Burbank, Illinois on December 16, 1982. This interview is about her experiences and personal views on deaf discrimination. Audrey works as a sign language interpreter and gets to meet new people every day. She grew up with deaf parents and siblings, though she did have one sister, Janice who was also born hearing. Though Audrey is not deaf, she supports her family and clients in their fight against discrimination.

Audrey McCann is an intelligent and outgoing woman with a huge smile and a big heart. She enjoys family gatherings, camping, sewing, and crafts. Though she has many talents, she’s best at lighting up a room with her contagious laugh and creativity in everything from the clothes she wears to the amazing crafts she likes to make.

Although this is a very important and serious topic to Audrey and her family, they have the ability to laugh at some of the funnier details. While expressing her feelings about discrimination against the deaf, Audrey McCann has also shared some amusing and memorable stories about growing up around the deaf community.