Henry Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Anna M., on March 16, 2014
"Well I guess we are reaching her."
Henry Rodriguez

Introductory Profile: About Henry Rodriguez

My interviewee’s name is Henry Rodriguez. He works in S.C.O.R.E.S. here at my school, Kealing Middle School. He works with kids who demonstrate impairments in social, communicative, and/or behavioral functioning. When he was young he used to help out with life skill scholars, and he enjoyed it. He has always liked helping people in need which inspired to do what he does.

Henry is about 5’11 , has a small, not even noticeable beard and short hair that sometimes changes from black to grey in a snap. Henry Rodriguez is an amazing energetic man. He seems fascinated of what he does. He never has a frown on his roundish face, so you can always talk to him if you need advice and just talk normally. He is really sweet and likes to laugh. He is like a vending machine full of hope and happiness. He always walks around with a smile on his face and likes to make people feel joy.

When he was talking about his job, he told me that people sometimes criticised him about his job but he said that those words did not bother him because he knew that he was indeed accomplishing things with his students. Through out the interview i heard him speak with passion and dedication almost like as he was talking with his heart, not his mouth. Sometimes he would smile when he talked about his student because I knew he was proud of what he does.

Henry loves working and helping people with special needs. He has had great experiences in the past that helps him with what he does now and the years to come. My interview with him showed me that helping people is very important, proud, thing to do because you can accomplish things that are so rewarding to your own self because you can realize that if you can change one person for the good, you can change the world too.