Carol and Bob Dombroski

As Interviewed by Katherine Chacon, on March 12, 2014
"Our kids take education for granted in our country, but those kids have such a desire to learn. It’s beautiful. "
Carol and Bob Dombroski

Introductory Profile: About Carol and Bob Dombroski

Carol and Bob Dombroski are a part of the organization Books for the World. During the interview they said that poverty and teachers who are not well trained are the main reasons that some countries aren’t getting a good education. While they were in South Africa they noticed that the kids wanted to learn so badly and didn’t take education for granted. They also noticed that the kids that weren’t able to afford education didn’t have parents, were poor, and didn’t get enough to eat. The white schools were better and had more materials and better teachers. They said that a good, educated role model is very important to a child’s performance.

Carol and Bob are both elderly. Carol is a retired teacher and Bob is a retired engineer. Carol got started in Books for the World when she started collecting books and donating them to teachers in South Africa. When they retired they spent lots of time working for the organization and put lots of their time into it. They both think that education and literacy are very important. Carol and Bob are both kind hearted people who are very passionate about their work. They’re both friendly and nice to everyone. Carol has wispy, strawberry blonde hair and Bob has straight, white hair.

The tone of the interview was light hearted and pleasant. It was serious but not intense. Carol and Bob spoke with lots of passion for their work. They shone a light on the importance of education and literacy. They showed me that education is very important and shouldn't be taken for granted. Literacy and the availability of books also shouldn't be taken for granted. Overall, the interview was light but eye opening.

My interviewee’s really seemed to enjoy the work that they are doing to provide children with books and other tools they wouldn't otherwise get, so they can have a good education. They mainly talked about the work they did in other countries and the importance of education. They also talked about the main obstacles of getting a good education in underdeveloped countries. They also explained their time in South Africa and what they noticed there.