Maureen M

As Interviewed by Emma M, March 10, 2014
"I don’t wish for him to have this life, but there’s nothing I can do about it. When he was young I could give him a really fun life... But as he gets older, there’s less and less that I can do with him. I see his world getting smaller."
Maureen M

Introductory Profile: About Maureen M

Maureen M. lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two daughters. She also has an autistic son, Nicky, who lives nearby. She was born on August 25, 1956. I met her because she is my next door neighbor, and she has two daughters who are about my age. We have been friends my entire life. She is a very sweet and caring woman who enjoys reading and photography. She loves her family and is very close to Nicky, even though he doesn’t live with them anymore.

I interviewed Maureen M. about Nicky. She told me about the trials they had to overcome together, finding out about the autism, and how the realization changed her/her family’s life. She informed me how autism is treated in society, their relationship, and school/services for Nicky. She said that she knows Nicky is happy where he is, but she always wishes that he didn’t have autism because his life could be so much better. She also said that he knows that he is different and that he doesn’t really fit into our society the way everyone else does.