Pooja Mulgaonkar

Swati Y., March 23, 2014
"Not only in United States but also in India, there has been tremendous progress, awareness, and a lot of new programs have started."
Pooja Mulgaonkar

Introductory Profile: About Pooja Mulgaonkar

The person I interviewed was Pooja Mulgaonkar, a special needs teacher for Kiker Elementary School. The interview was mainly about the education programs for special needs kids. We also talked briefly about special needs in the parents’ point of view, the

Ms. Mulgaonkar is a very friendly woman who immigrated from India to Austin, Texas. While she was in India, she learned how to teach special needs kids, and noted how she seemed to have a connection with them. Since she was a child, she had always enjoyed playing and talking with the disabled kids while others simply ignored them. The combination of training she received from India and the US makes her a very successful teacher.

Her three kids are in ninth grade, one of them having a disability. Ms. Mulgaonkar has been teaching special needs kids for about thirteen years. She loves teaching in Kiker Elementary School and always enjoys working with the teachers and students. Her students are a pretty diverse group of people, with both age and disability. She teaches a lot of kids with ID illegibility, Down’s syndrome, autism, and other kinds of mental disabilities. She is very sensitive about special needs kids. Teaching is her passion, and she enjoys being able to work and interact with children.

During the interview, Ms. Mulgaonkar was very well-mannered and joyful. She is a very respectful person and was clear that she was committed to helping the kids get an education they deserve. Towards the end of the interview, Ms. Mulgaonkar got a little bit sentimental about the topic of middle and high school. We discussed many things about special education. We talked about the strong points of general special education, features of different programs of special education, and her experience with teaching special needs kids. She made a strong point about how these classes are great for students with disabilities and how working with them is very enjoyable and not that different from general education.

The interview was very smooth and informational. I learned a lot of things about special education while talking to Ms. Mulgaonkar. She told me that you have to have a passion for whatever you do, which I find very true. I enjoyed learning things about special education, and gave me a new view about it.