Y. Rah

As Interviewed by Ashley Kim, March 11, 2014
"Sometimes not really racism, but people treats the way you look."
Y. Rah

Introductory Profile: About Y. Rah

Y. Rah is a Korean immigrant who now lives in Austin, Texas. I got to meet her after my mom got to know her at a community meeting service that she was volunteering for.

Y. Rah moved to the United States from South Korea in 2001 at the age of 26. She was born and grew up in South Korea; both of her parents were full South Korean. She had not intended to become an immigrant to the United States; she came to the United States to finish her Ph.D. She had planned to go back to South Korea until her plans changed when her husband wanted to stay in the United States. Y. Rah is a bright and friendly person. She has wavy hair that comes to her shoulders. She wears glasses and is average height. She likes to read a lot of books and likes to make and sew things during her free time.

The topics we discussed included instances where other people showed racism against her due to her Asian race, and differences between the United States and South Korean educational systems. It was also fun listening to her stories and experiences.

Y. Rah is enjoying her life in Austin with her family.