Sheri Bryant

As Interviewed by Ally Martin, March 22, 2011
"Everyone has assumptions or prejudices. It's up to each person to challenge their assumtptions about others."
Sheri Bryant

Introductory Profile:

Sheri Bryant is a kindergarten teacher at Casis Elementary. She has been teaching kindergarten for 7 years, 6 of them at Casis. Three 7-year old boys are in her Inclusion class, which is where kids that have special needs can come into a classroom of typically developing students and learn. One boy has Down Syndrome, Diabetes, and ADHD. Another has high-functioning autism. And the third has low-functioning autism. When Mrs. Bryant described these boys, I could tell that she knew them very well from working with them.

Mrs. Bryant was lively and had great stories during the interview. In her picture, I saw a friendly smile and a welcoming face. Over the phone, her answers were confident and detailed, demonstrating that she works well with kids, and she is a great teacher. She was very friendly and outgoing, and she seemed very willing to help out.

While teaching three boys with special needs, she has learned much about them and their situation, whether it be Down Syndrome, Diabetes, Autism, or ADHD. Interviewing her about this subject has also educated me on disabilities. I learned that autistic kids have a hard time interacting socially with other kids because they cannot understand non-verbal communication.

The interview went surprisingly well over the phone. I wasn’t expecting it to, but Mrs. Bryant answered all of my questions with a great amount of description and detail, allowing me to understand clearly what she was talking about. She spoke with a calm, clear voice that got rid of all the awkwardness and tension. The interview itself was relatively short, but it was filled with great stories from Mrs. Bryant.

I was, and still am, very thankful to Mrs. Bryant for helping me understand that nobody is bad or wrong but just different. Discriminating against somebody because of that is bad and wrong. Nobody should be judged based on their differences.