Conrad Klahn

As Interviewed by: David P, March 18, 2014
"Social injustice to me is people that have never had opportunities because society is designed such that they don't get the opportunities"
Conrad Klahn

Introductory Profile: About Conrad Klahn

Conrad Klahn is the father of a child with Muscular Dystrophy. My interview will teach you about how life is with a disabled child to care for. Lots about that has changed in the past few years. America, the big melting pot, has a unique point of view and ignores if people have disabilities.

Although America is nicer there are only 4 wheelchair Austin cabs. My interviewee was very optimistic and content about this subject.

Mr. Klahn is a very calm and relaxed person. He has a beard that combines with his mustache. He has graying hair that is mostly brown. He is about 5’5” and he grew up in New York. He moved to Austin later, in fourth grade. He has another son that is normal named Otto, who is in late high school and his disabled son Noah, is a freshman.

This interview sounds like a sad story, but it really is a blessing for Mr. Klahn's family I have met Noah and he is fun to be around, nobody cares about his wheelchair. The interview was even cometic at times and Mr. Klahn was completely relaxed about letting me know that Noah is expected to die in the next ten years. He mentioned that he has already accepted his situation and suspected it before he even took Noah to the doctor.

Noah is not very different from you or I. My interviewee wants people to know though, that things take longer with a wheelchair. Mr. Klahn is a very enjoyable person. Overall I think that Mr. Klahn was a very good interviewee and had lots of stories to tell to help people hear about First Hand History.