Jerry Kermit Southard

As Interviewed by Kendall Kucera, March 19, 2014
"They would march in formation and looked almost paramilitary in appearance. Interestingly, they wore khaki pants and shirts with white webbing belts and white helmet liners. They had KKK in red letters on the helmet, wore trooper boots, and actually showed their faces."
Jerry Kermit Southard

Introductory Profile: About Jerry Kermit Southard

My Interviewee is named Jerry Kermit Southard. I know him because he is my Grandfather, and he lives just a few houses down from US. He was born on March 26, 1935 on the Cottonwood Creek in Eddy County, New Mexico. He is tall (6’ 3”ish) and has many interesting stories to tell about his travels, times on the ranch, and during his regular life. He loves passing things on and working with family. Rejina Wynona Southard, his wife, was in for parts of the interview, making funny remarks and lightening the mood.

My interview covered mostly Civil Rights in the 1960s. My Grandfather was greatly involved in the time after the Civil Rights Movement. He helped to integrate black and white children and their teachers. He also talks about many things that he saw in his childhood in a small town in New Mexico and how it differed from Denver. However in this interview there is also discussion about Hispanic rights and school.