Cynthia Lowen

As Interviewed by Claire Cabler, March 20, 2014
"What millions of kids are going through is a silent and invisible epidemic of violence."
Cynthia Lowen

Introductory Profile: About Cynthia Lowen

My interviewee’s name was Cynthia Lowen. She seemed to think that bully victims were more important than bullies themselves. She made a point of saying it was easier to help the victims which could be interpreted as an explanation of sorts. Cynthia also gave cool insights to her feature film bully.

I am not sure of what my interviewee looked like but she seemed to have a serious-but-at-the-same–time-fun personality. She is a filmmaker and a writer who is currently working on a book. She has made plenty of films with her most recent being the feature film known as Bully. She likes doing documentaries.

The mood of my interview was thoughtful. Both of us wanted quality. We also took our time. Cynthia was rather pleasant throughout the interview and responded to all of my questions thoroughly as well as answering completely. Through the phone she sounded very open.
Cynthia seemed to like talking about her feature film. She made it sound interesting to me. It also made me want to see the film. She had a very interesting point of view. I enjoyed talking to her.