Beth Griesmer

As Interviewed By Olivia Griesmer, March 2014
"It also opened my eyes to what it’s like to be different and for people around you to minimize you because you’re different."
Beth Griesmer

Introductory Profile: About Beth Griesmer

I interviewed my mom, Beth Griesmer. She was born in Colorado and lived there until she was 15, when her father got a new job in Honolulu. Going from Colorado to Hawaii was a big jump in miles and culture, and it was hard to get used to, especially when going from the being a member of the ethnic majority to the minority. Unlike the continental United States, whites are not the majority in Hawaii.

Still today, my mom is greatly influenced by her experiences in Hawaii. She knows the feeling of not being on the top and what racism is. She treasures her time in Hawaii because it made her a better person and because she got to experience a new culture.