Jennifer Bengtson

As interviewed by Courtney B., April 10, 2014
"I think that you should be happy or not freak out if you have a baby with Down syndrome and that you shouldn’t compare children because they’re all gifts from God."
Jennifer Bengtson

Introductory Profile: About Jennifer Bengtson

For my interview I chose my mom, Jennifer Bengtson. She was born during the 60s. She is happily married with twins. Lauren, my twin sister, has Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome.

Jennifer works in sales. She created iHelp For Special Needs, which assists kids in obtaining technology (like the iPad) who are unable to afford technology devices and software. For example, some children need iPads to assist in communication.

I decided to interview Jennifer Bengtson regarding her daughter and my sister, Lauren. I talked with her about Lauren having Trisomy 21 and how we are affected by this. We discussed how Lauren and other kids with Down Syndrome are discriminated against. The whole interview focused on what it is like to have a child with Down Syndrome. The tone of the interview was friendly, happy, and a little emotional at times.