Richard Brose

As Interviewed by Cole McCrary, March 23, 2014
"... my father left my mother when she was pregnant with me, so when I was born my father wasn’t there, my mother was the only one to take care of me, I had an older brother and sister, and so without my father being there and without him there to earn a living we had difficulty having enough money to get by. That’s the situation as it started when I was a youngster. "
Richard Brose

Introductory Profile: About Richard Brose

My interviewee was my grandpa, Richard Brose. The topic we talked about was poverty, mainly in New York. At the end, we also discusses poverty just in general and what we could do to prevent it. We talked about his experience in New York, what it was like, and about some things like how he got his education, what jobs he got, and what he did for a living. I feel that the interview was very interesting, talking about important points in his life and what his life was like in poverty.

He gave a lot of detail and I believe that from what he tells us we can get an idea of what life was like in his position. Not many people know, or even care about what it is like, but hopefully that will change as awareness grows.