Don Tate

As Interviewed by Kolby Tate, March 16, 2014
"If you walk into a bookstore in Texas or Florida you’re not likely to see as many people of color in those books as you would see white people or talking animals."
Don Tate

Introductory Profile: About Donald Tate

My father, Don Tate, is a published author and illustrator who creates mostly children’s books with or about colored children. He has illustrated over 40 different children’s books and has recently authored and published his second book, It Jes’ Happened. Don Tate works at home and uses a Cintiq drawing tablet along with his desk, highchair and computer.

Don Tate lives at home with my mother, Tamera, me and our pet dog, Bella. He has been living in Austin for over ten years now. He also has two grown daughters, Jheris and Autumn. He used to work at the Austin American Statesman as a graphic designer while working as a part-time published illustrator. He is now a full-time author and illustrator.

Don Tate is not only trying to be a successful author and illustrator, but he is also trying to change the faces of colored children in children’s books. He believes that colored children have not been portrayed as they should be. They need something better to see themselves as instead of ugly characters in a book about a white child or just a background character. Don Tate is here talking to me about his role changing the faces of African-American children in children’s publishing.