Divakar Boppuri

As interviewed by Richa Boppuri, March 18, 2015
"We talked about worrying about getting back to our families, and what would happen if we died in the sea."
Divakar Boppuri

Introductory Profile: About Divakar Boppuri

The person I interviewed was my paternal grandfather, Divakar Boppuri. He has served for 16 years as a 2nd class petty officer in the Indian Navy, which is the second highest rank in the JCOs (Junior Commissioned Officers). He is retired now, but he talks as if he is still a serving soldier. You know what they say -- once a soldier, always a soldier!

When I interviewed my grandfather, we discussed the hardships he faced during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, how he felt knowing he was away from his family, and his opinions about the war. The overall feeling of the interview was comfortable and casual, yet also interesting and meaningful. The interview also had a strong, patriotic sensation of pride for India.

In conclusion, I thought that my grandfather’s life in the navy was really fascinating. I was very amazed, and sometimes shocked, at some of the things he experienced. His experiences were a mix of pain, anger, victory, and joy which I was proud to record and share with the world.