Mieke Koetsier

As Interviewed By Champ Turner, March 7, 2015
"That was a very sad time because, my father was taken away as a prisoner of war by the Japanese and my mother had to live in a camp with her younger children."
Mieke Koetsier

Introductory Profile: About Mieke Koetsier

Mieke Koetsier was born on an island in Indonesia (then a Dutch colony) to Dutch parents in 1926. Her birthday is August 7th. The island was a small one called Singkep, about 100 miles south of Singapore. At age 12, she moved to Holland for school (as there were no high schools on the island) While in Holland, WWII broke out and she and her family were separated. This interview talks about her and her family’s experiences during the war.

My grandma and grandpa met Mieke at Grand Cayman, a Caribbean island, where they both like to vacation. I met first Mieke when I was younger, but really first got a chance to talk with her during the interview. Close to 90 years old, Mieke still has a great memory, is fun to talk to, and has an awesome Dutch accent. She has white hair, a great smile, and speaks several languages. She spends half the year in Grand Cayman, and the other half in Canada.

During the interview we talked about how she (in Holland) and her family (in Indonesia) were affected by the war. She discussed the Japanese invasion of Indonesia in 1942, and how her family lost everything. She answered all the questions in great detail and tells many spectacular stories. The interview went well, even though it was hard to hear each other due to a tough phone connection. It was a wonderful experience interviewing Mieke and hearing her stories.