Margaret McClain

As Interviewed by Elizabeth M., March 19, 2015
"When they first started integration, I don't remember any incidents happening- I think everything went real smoothly and well planned. It gave the children more opportunities."
Margaret McClain

Introductory Profile: About Margaret McClain

For my social injustice project, I chose to interview Margaret McClain. I came to meet her because my mom is friends with her granddaughter’s family. I thought her story about being a teacher was extremely interesting because she taught at a school that was midst of integration after segregation in the U.S.. Mrs. McClain was born in Oklahoma City in 1932, and grew up in Moore, Oklahoma. She was involved in the church with bible studies, and was a teacher for thirty years. While Mrs. McClain was a teacher in Marietta, her husband was a football coach, so she knew many African American families.

During the interview, Mrs. McClain talked about her experience as a teacher during the integration of schools. I learned what it must have been like for the children during integration as well as what athletics teams were like. Also, she talked about how the children during integration didn’t pay attention to the race of the other children, they were friends. After listening to Mrs. McClain’s answers to my questions, I have a deeper understanding of the experiences and importance of integration among the schools. Integration was a big step for equal education.