Staley Gray

As Interviewed by Ava L., March 12, 2015
"Some people have their own problems and take it out an animal because they're helpless."
Staley Gray

Introductory Profile: About Staley Gray

Staley Gray is someone you would just see around town, doing her job or exercising her dogs. You would never be able to tell from just a glance that she is helping our community everyday. She is a wonderful wife and mother and has a very bubbly personality. She is energetic, talkative, sweet, and all the other amazing things you would expect from a woman who has spent over twenty-five years rescuing and fostering dogs.

She and her husband own a few dogs and one bird, but there will always be a few extra trotting around the house, glad to be in the care of someone so amazing, even if it is just for a while. She volunteers with Cavalier Rescue USA, a non-profit organization. She has rescued anywhere between forty and fifty dogs in her twenty-five years of doing so. Staley has lived in Austin since 1979. She has short brown hair and is very fit, as you would expect since she walks and plays with her dogs almost 24/7.

During the interview, we talked about her experience with dogs and dog abuse, about the fostering she does, and about the social injustices involved in abusing/neglecting dogs. Most of the interview was pretty grim, but I could still see the passion in her eyes when she talked about what she loves to do most. The parts that were cheerful were when she talked about what she and others volunteering were able to do to help this cause.

I love that she does her part to help with this cause and knows that anyone can make a difference. She is making a difference in the world everyday by helping these dogs that very few other people would want, or even be able to, take care of.