Gilbert Tuhabonye

As Interviewed by Caroline M., March 17, 2015
"If the two tribes were at peace, my life would have been awesome. Because growing up, I wouldn't know what hate came from. I grew up in a family where we would love one another."
Gilbert Tuhabonye

Introductory Profile: About Gilbert Tuhabonye

My interviewee for the First Hand History is Gilbert Tuhabonye. I know Mr. Tuhabonye because his daughters are on the same swim team as me, and are around the same age. He is the founder of the Gazelle Foundation, and coaches the Gilbert’s Gazelles group.

Mr. Tuhabonye grew up in Burundi, as a part of the Tutsi tribe. He loved running from the start, and never gave it up, with true passion. He ran as an eleventh grader as a four hundred and eight hundred meter champion. In school one day, though, Hutu tribesmen set the school Gilbert was in on fire, and he to escape being burned to death, but still has scars from burns. When he came to the United states, he went to college at Abilene Christian University. Mr. Tuhabonye is now a running coach and trainer, and runs the Gazelle foundation which helps to build wells in Burundi, in many communities.

Gilbert Tuhabonye is a very skilled runner and brave leader. He has benefited many communities by giving them fresh, clean, safe water by building wells.
In my interview, the topics we covered were the conflict between the two tribes in Burundi, the Gazelle foundation’s contributions to Burundi, and Mr. Tuhabonye’s experiences in Burundi and the transition into starting new in the United States.