Garry Mauro

As Interviewed by Frank Mauro, April 1, 2015
"I decided that just making money wasnít going to satisfy me. I had to make a difference."
Garry Mauro

Introductory Profile: About Garry Mauro

Garry Mauro, my dad, was born in 1948 and was a major civil rights advocate. His family immigrated from Italy to Bryan, Texas, where he was born and raised. In Bryan, Garry went to elementary, middle, high school and later college at Texas A&M. He also attended law school at the University of Texas in Austin. He started his involvement with civil rights during high school and continued this passion into his post-graduate years. During college he was a football star who was more interested in extracurricular activities, treating school as a highway to success.

After college he continued to study law and he eventually ran for land commissioner of Texas. He served for four terms, 16 years, before deciding to run for the democratic party for the Governor of Texas. Unfortunately he lost the race to George W. Bush and slowed down with his practices, but participated greatly with the elections of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Today he is still a broad shouldered muscular man who has an iron will. He is extremely supportive to all of his 5 children. In the interview we will be mostly discuss civil rights during Garry Mauro life from 1950-2000. This includes African American rights, economic segregation, and Women's rights. Itís a neutral interview so you probably wonít cry or laugh but youíll learn something.