Janet Hertel

As Interviewed by, on March 22, 2015
"While we were waiting, some man got too close to one of those ladders and those machine guns were all cocked and the guards were shouting at that man."
Janet Hertel

Introductory Profile: About Janet Hertel

I interviewed Janet Hertel, who is my grandmother on my father’s side, about the time she went with her family to visit the Berlin Wall. The angle of the interview was mainly of bewilderment of why the wall had to be there and the sadness of the people trapped on the other side had a presence during the interview.

My interviewee is around 75 years old and around 5’7” tall. She is relatively calm and quiet, and keeps a positive attitude no matter what. She is ready for any question and is thoughtful with answering my questions. She did her best to give me a solid interview even though she didn’t need to.

The interview was a unique combination of humor and and a somber tone. Talking about the Berlin Wall was a serious and glum. To keep the interview positive, she would include stories about some of the things that my dad did and it felt like I needed to laugh after talking about a topic like this.

With a tough topic to talk about comfortably, my interview went just as planned and I actually felt comfortable having the conversation where I probably wouldn’t have with a different interviewee. I hope my interview is enjoyable so have fun listening!