Anupriya Sethi

As Interviewed by Reha Kakkar, on March 21st, 2015
"Once I was giving a presentation and people couldn't even sit through the atrocities that the victims go through."
Anupriya Sethi

Introductory Profile: About Anupriya Sethi

Anupriya Sethi works for the Canadian government on human trafficking and other social injustices, such as aboriginal welfare and women’s rights. She talks about how harmful and scary human trafficking can be. She expresses how hard it is for the victims and their families and how Canada is planning to end trafficking.

Anupriya Sethi was born in India in 1977. Ms. Sethi is 5’4’’with dark red hair and glasses. She is my aunt and is currently unmarried without any kids. She is outgoing and and loves debating. Ms. Sethi is very passionate about her work and now, even after a decade of working in human trafficking, she still has strong opinions and now works on trafficking as more of a side hobby.

Throughout the interview it was obvious that Anupriya was very passionate and well informed about human trafficking and she clearly wanted to share her opinions. The manner of this interview was very informal, this is probably because we are so close. but she talked about how human trafficking affected everybody involved and Canada’s plan on ending human trafficking.

Anupriya describes why human trafficking must be stopped and the difficulties that many people face. Human trafficking is a huge problem but sadly many people do not realize the true extent of the problem. She is spreading awareness so that someday we can all work together to stop such atrocities.