My Sister

As Interviewed By Fallon B., April 8, 2015
"I don't think it's really fair that we have to just sit around and do what we're told, even if we know it's not right,"
My Sister

Introductory Profile: About My Sister

I interviewed my sister on Youth Rights. My sister is about 11 and has always had a problem with how all the adults look down on her. It is one of the many reasons why treats younger kids with much more respect than I see any other child treat another kid. Like all other kids, she has never been treated like another adult, even when she should. She, and all other kids, are treated more like parentís property rather than another adult. Even though she gets more respect than your average kid, itís still not the proper amount a fellow citizen deserves.

In this interview we discuss how kids are currently being treated, and how they should be treated in the future. This interview is basically how my siblings and I are trying to raise awareness of this cause. It is our way to reach out to adults, and tell other children to stand up for what they have never recieved, respect.