Kayla Brock

As Interviewed by Katherine Havranek, March 12, 2015
"I was really sad when I found out what had happened. I was angry at TJ for what he did because it wasn't right, and it wasn't fair even though he had the disease. It was also relieving because I knew that he would get the best care for his disease in jail."
Kayla Brock

Introductory Profile: About Kayla Brock

In my interview with Kayla she talks about growing up with with her half-brother, TJ, and how she felt about him being arrested for murder. TJ suffers from schizophrenia and was influenced by the effects of the disease to kill someone. Kayla describes their relationship with each other and also shares that she was able to cope with what TJ had done by talking with her parents and other people that she trusted. While interviewing Kayla I also learned more about her life and who she is as a person. Kayla is an intern at Bethany Lutheran Church where she is learning how to be a successful Director of Christian Education (DCE). She is studying to become a DCE at Concordia University and will be graduating shortly. Kayla's family consists of her older half-sister, older half-brother (TJ), younger brother, mom, and her dad.

The mood of the interview is quite light for being such a sad and serious topic. I believe what made talking about it easier was that rather than focusing on what had happened with TJ, I wanted to know about what had happened with Kayla. To achieve this I asked her questions about how she dealt with the experience and what it was like growing up with TJ.

Talking with Kayla helped me realize how rough some people's lives can be. Many people have gone through traumatic things, like Kayla has, and are able to move on and live life to the fullest. Kayla said during the interview "It was relieving because I knew he would get the best care for his disease in jail." The message I took away from this quote and from the whole interview was that things happen for a reason and in the end something good will come out of it.