Jennifer Harriger

As Interviewed by Charlee Savinelli, March 18, 2015
"I always held the opinion that I was against the politician but I wasnít against the soldier. So thatís why I didnít feel, for me, that protesting would work, because it was the politician who made the decision, but I didnít want to communicate to the soldier, I wanted to be supportive of the soldiers. "
Jennifer Harriger

Introductory Profile: About Jennifer Harriger

My intervieweeís name is Jennifer Harriger, a financial consultant at Wells Fargo Bank, and she was kind enough to let me have a few minutes out of her busy schedule to allow me to conduct the interview. Ms. Harriger and my mom have been coworkers for quite a while, so when I asked my mom if she had anyone in mind for a possible interviewee, she nominated Ms. Harriger. Ms. Harriger is feisty, funny, and very kind. She is also an excellent public speaker.

Ms. Harriger was born in 1953, in her home country of the U.S.A, to a military man and his European wife. During her teenage years, the Vietnam War was instigated, and this is the period in her life that the interview concentrates on. Ms. Harriger knew a few people who were in Vietnam, including a family friend and someone whom Ms. Harriger had dated previously, but Ms. Harriger herself was never involved in the War. She did support the Anti-War movement from the sidelines though, even starting a Letter Campaign in which she would act as the Pen Pal for soldiers on the front lines. Ms. Harriger was either nearing the end of her college days, or had already graduated, by the time the War had finished. Without American troops, South Vietnam fell the next year.

The topics covered in this interview included a Pen Pal Letter Campaign, a brief discussion of how music was important to the Vietnam protests, and a general view of how a lot of people saw the war. The overall feeling is professional and serious in my opinion, which I am very happy about, as this is the direction in which I wanted the interview to go. Enjoy!