Lola Stephens-Bell

As Interviewed by Carly Atwell, March 16, 2015
"I was hurt. I was depressed. I was lost. I was very very scared. I experienced a lot of rejection, misunderstanding. When people, when they initially first met me they just looked at me as nothing, and they didn’t know I was gold on the inside of me."
Lola Stephens-Bell

Introductory Profile: About Lola Stephens-Bell

I interviewed Lola Stephens, who moved to Austin from Lake Charles, Louisiana. In Austin, she became homeless but she kept fighting through and eventually started up her own restaurant in East Austin called “Nubian Queen Lola’s”. Lola talked about what it was like to be homeless and how she pulled herself out of homelessness. Now, she gives back to her community by feeding local homeless people on Sundays and visiting multiple low-income projects where she feeds over 400 people with her delicious cajun food.

Lola is kind and colorful. She has an exciting personality like she just wants to be everyone’s friend. Lola is also very faithful and she spreads her love of God to everyone.