Victoria Bailey

As Interviewed by C.A., March 16,2015
"I would raise my hand in class, and the teacher, she wouldn’t call on me, even when I knew the right answer."
Victoria Bailey

Introductory Profile: About Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey and I met at our church many years ago. She is a black woman from Boston, Massachusetts, and has worked as a nurse for many years. At age 5, Victoria began helping out in care facilities. In high school, she volunteered for the Red Cross, from filing paperwork to responding to disasters such as fires.Victoria was sent to a school in an all-white neighborhood briefly as a child, which she remembers as a scary experience. During her childhood, as well as throughout her life, Victoria faced racial discrimination.

The tone of the interview was lighthearted, except when Victoria talked about her childhood experiences. She spoke fondly of her volunteer work as a child, and seemed passionate about her career as a nurse. It was clear Victoria cares deeply about others, and has done so all her life.