Asians and the education system

C.K., 3/25/15
"And your typical white American, my peers, got into a better school then I did even though there score had lower GPA and lower advanced GOE score."
Asians and the education system

Introductory Profile: About Futeh Kao

I interviewed Futeh Kao, the CTO of a financial company as well as physics major. He is my dad and enjoys playing tennis, checking the news, and playing on his iPad during his free time. Futeh Kao was born in Hengchun, Taiwan. His father was a well know doctor and his mother was a nurse. He is the youngest of five siblings. In 1979, he immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13 to avoid Chinese communists and seek opportunities. He went to high school in Hawaii and received his undergrad degree in physics at the University of California at Berkeley. Later, he received a PhD in physics from the University of Texas in Austin. He worked for several companies and now works in a small financial firm located in Austin.

During this interview, he discussed how Asian Americans are discriminated in admission processes in Universities and how standards are much higher for Asian Americans and how he had to faced these challenges. He also compared how he was treated at work to how he was treated at school. During the interview, he made it clear he believed the admission process in schools was unfair and knew a lot about the subject.