Lan Tran

As Interviewed by Garrett Urbach
"At that time, currency was constantly changing; thatís how the communist government kept hold of people. The only thing that was good was gold. So, my mom sold a lot of her wedding jewelry, and other jewelry that she had to buy us tickets onto boats. When we left, I was just a baby. We couldn't pack a lot so basically, she [her mom] just layered up clothes, so it was just the clothes that we had on us."
Lan Tran

Introductory Profile: About Lan Tran

Lan Tran is a refugee from Vietnam whose family escaped to the small town of Moline, Illinois in the late 1970s. Having grown up mostly in the U.S, she attended college in Chicago and came to Texas to live with her friend for a while. Deciding she liked the warmer climate, she decided to stay. Her friend is my best friend's mother, so I often find myself with her as well as my friends, to the point where I see her almost regularly.

I interviewed her about her family's escape to the U.S. and the issues they encountered along the way. She was only a baby when this was happening. Several portions of it she requested be removed from the interview and not displayed on the Internet for safety reasons. She talks about her family escaping by boat with only the clothes on her back, and then about getting over the language barrier and other problems once they had arrived in the U.S, to how she came to live in Texas today.