Geneva N.

As Interviewed by Luke N, April 1, 2015
"I hid my face in my fatherís legs because even though Glen had hurt me and taken a piece of my ear off, I felt sorry for him, because no one should be treated like that."
Geneva N.

Introductory Profile: About Geneva N.

Geneva N. has had many experiences with racial tension. She has suffered because of racial hate, but she never grew to be prejudiced.

Geneva N. has brown hair and brown eyes. She is Hispanic and was raised in Dallas, Texas. She lived in West Dallas for seven years of her childhood in an African American neighborhood. She has two children and a husband. She now lives in Austin, Texas in a middle class neighborhood in the suburbs of Northwest Austin. She is very caring and very protective of her children, which may well be a result of what she went through as a child.

In this podcast you will hear about a racial experience of Geneva N. During this interview, Geneva has a solemn attitude towards what had happened and her victimizer. She doesn't get angry through the interview even with the vivid picture she describes of the sadness that she went though. Geneva N. never grew to become prejudice towards any race, even with her experiences.