Jim Brown

As interveiwed by Yo Seb Cha, March 22, 2015
"Itís not a good feeling. Itís a feeling of making one race feel like superiors. You feel like you're left out. You feel like a second class citizen."
Jim Brown

Introductory Profile: About Jim Brown

Jim Brown is an African American born in the 1900s in America. Jim Brown is was a chef, he has worked at many churches as a pastor, and he is now a counselor. Jim Brown has been through many things as a kid and adult. Many were unfair. People (mostly adults) avoided him.

I came to know him because he is a fellow counselor of my mom. Jim Brown is a so called black and he likes to help teens and their families out (counselor). Jim Brown is very religious and is on the calm side when reacting to racism. Many will act in irrational ways when confronted with racism but Jim Brown holds it in.

The interview contains the hardship Jim Brown went through as a kid and adult. The interview shows Jim Brown going through childhood and realizing not everyone is equal. He has been through situations in school, neighbors, and much more despite the fact this is after the civil rights act.

The feeling of the interview could wake guilt and shame in some, sympathy in some, and agreement in others. Racism is a big problem in the U.S. and must stop. There is no superiority because one's body lacks melatonin.