John C.

As Interviewed by Hannah C., March 22, 2015
"You know, ‘cause there are parts in India where Christians are burnt alive."
John C.

Introductory Profile: About John C.

In this interview, John C talks about the religious justice, and injustice in India. Mainly regarding christianity. The area he grew up in did not have much persecution. But he says there were many parts of India, where people were even burnt alive. There were people he was acquainted with, that were persecuted. For example, his grandparents, who were the first in his ancestry to be converted. This subject is important to him because of his strong faith.

John Cherukuri was born on September 18, 197X. He grew up in a region of India called Andhra Pradesh, with his mother, father, brother, and sister. He attended Louisiana State University, and he is now an engineer at Intel Corporation. John Cherukuri is a born again Christian. He takes his religion very seriously. This is how he was raised, and is pretty much his whole life.

The tone of this interview is very reminiscent, and nostalgic. After all, he is basically telling stories from his past, and some things that have happened even before he was born. It is also serious in some places. He talks about tragedies of persecution, and how exposed he was to the persecution at one point. When he mentioned other religions though, he did not mock, or make fun of them, but he still managed to politely disagree with their teachings.

In this interview you will get a different perspective of religious injustice in India. Not by the favored religion, but by the unfavored one. John C has given an insightful, and informational interview