Duane Charles Runkle

As Interview by Christian Kennedy, March 28, 2015
"We left in civilian clothes, even though you're carrying a duffel bag, and people would flip you off, call you a baby killer..."
Duane Charles Runkle

Introductory Profile: About Duane Charles Runkle

Duane, my grandpa on my momís side of the family, was born in Springfield, Minnesota on December 27, 1946, and is the second son of six kids. He graduated High School in 1964 and two years later he enlisted in the army. He enlisted so he could choose where and what he wanted to do in Vietnam, and not be assigned to the most dangerous or least job. While he was there he was a gunner for a helicopter. He left Vietnam in 1967 because his brother went into combat, and after what happened in World War 2 there could only be one child per family in battle. When he left Vietnam he had earned 3 purple heart medals for surviving getting hit by shrapnel 3 times, and a silver heart medal for flying a mission that the pilot himself said was too dangerous. He got married in may, 1967 and currently resides in Coos Bay, Oregon and fishes daily, then donates the extra fish to a local Womenís Shelter

This interview covers what happened when came back from Vietnam, the mediaís hand in the ordeal, a firsthand account of a mission the media turned sour, his struggle to get help for his PTSD, and what he does when he encounters another veteran like himself. I guarantee you his interview will leave you thinking how bad Vietnam veterans have had it and still do. But in the end, the past is history now, and all we can do is not repeat it.