Patrick Rick

Miranda Simon, March 19, 2015
"Disability, the word itself, is an automatic hindrance to the person that has a disability. The best thing to do is don't look at it as a disability, look at it as an alternative to work harder in a different area that doesn't require you to aggravate that limitation."
Patrick Rick

Introductory Profile: About Patrick I. Rick

The interviewees name is Patrick Ian Rick. My dad is an employment lawyer, and Mr. Rick is one of his clients. He was born on September thirteenth, 1977. He was in the army, then a while after he got out he got a job as a corrections officer at the Travis County Sheriff's Office. Mr. Rick has a limitation that causes pain in his knees and ankles when he does repetitive exercises that impact his knees and ankles. He got that disability during his service in the army. While he was training at the Sheriff's Office, the officers were instructed to do jumping jacks. Mr. Rick ran in place instead of doing the jumping jacks, and for that reason he was fired. It's illegal to fire someone because of their disability because of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), so Mr. Rick is in a lawsuit.
Mr. Rick in general says what's on his mind. He also always tells people the truth about his opinion, and he'll tell people if something is not going well even if they don't want to hear it, which is what happened at one of his jobs. His disability (knee and ankle strain) is not visible or obvious. It's only a problem when his knees and ankles get a lot of impact.
Mr. Rick talked about his job at the Travis County Sheriff's office and how/why he was fired. He also talked about having disabilities, how you should deal with them, and how you should think of them. The interview was casual, and Mr. Rick explained things carefully. I learned a lot from interviewing Mr. Rick.