Dr. Binh Truong

As Interviewed by Patrick Connor, March 28, 2015
"This is a wonderful country, it's a big country, has lots to offer and I still have not had the chance to see all of it, yet. ...This is the best country I could ever be in to raise a family, so many opportunities and resources available, I didn't take it for granted at all."
Dr. Binh Truong

Introductory Profile: About Dr. Binh Truong

Dr. Binh Truong is a pediatric radiologist born in Saigon, Vietnam, in 1969 and currently working at Dell Children's Medical Center. Dr. Truong is a soft-spoken doctor of Asian ethnicity, who is very intelligent and determined. He is a survivor of the Vietnam War and emigrated from Vietnam in 1980. Dr. Binh Truong became part of a large group of Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam by boat, referred to as Vietnamese boat people. Once he settled in the United States he settled in Shreveport, Louisiana, and went to school there through medical school. Dr. Binh Truong attended Louisiana State University School of Medicine where he got his Medical Degree in 1993. Dr. Truong currently lives in Austin, Texas, and has a happy family of two kids ages twelve and fourteen.

Dr. Binh Truong is a colleague and business partner of my father. My father mentioned him to me when he heard of this project. I was able to set up an interview with him that was conducted in a conference room between Dr. Truong’s shifts at Dell Children’s Medical Center, it was a subdued informative interview, but I thought it was well done.

I spoke to Dr. Binh Truong about his experiences of being a Vietnamese Boat Person. We talked about the social and governmental prospects of immigrant to the United States. Dr. Truong and I also covered what he remembered from his experiences in Vietnam specifically with Communism.

Overall I felt like I had a wonderful interview with Dr. Binh Truong while being able to cover important and meaningful experiences. You will learn a lot about all the aspects of leaving a Communist Vietnam and entering the Capitalist United States of America, as well as what it feels like to emigrate and immigrate. You will be able to understand these things firsthand and not out of a textbook. I would like to thank Dr. Truong a lot for his time and involvement. I hope you enjoy this interview.