Susan Dolling

Sophia Takvorian, March 22, 2015
"Whoever has children and are told this and that, don't ever give up on them, keep helping them progress..."
Susan Dolling

Introductory Profile: About Susan Dolling

I met Susan Dolling when my mother was caring for her daughter, Anne Dolling, a young lady with Down Syndrome. Because Susan has to take care of Anne during most of the day she likes to say that she is a retired university professor or a writer. Susan has worked at UT multiple times teaching semester long courses about Chinese culture and she writes in her free time at home. Susan grew up in Hong Kong and moved to America when she was 17 years old. Her home reflects her Chinese culture with artwork and little antiques she keeps around the kitchen and living spaces. Her walls are lined with Anne’s artwork and some bought artwork.

Susan has a very sociable, laughable personality. She says that Anne has changed her life and personality very much, in very positive ways. She is short in stature and slightly plump. She always dresses herself and Anne nicely, saying that she believes the way you dress is very important in today’s society. In her free time she likes to draw, read, write, paint, and sew.

My interview had a really casual feeling, almost like we were having a regular conversation. Susan mainly talked about her experiences with Anne and Anne’s personality.

Overall, I feel very lucky to document someone who has experienced injustices/justices in this category. I greatly appreciate Mrs. Dolling’s cooperation and time she took away to do this interview.