Michael Wolf

As Interviewed by Grace Fullerton, March 12, 2011
"I think people treated me just like everyone else."
Michael Wolf

Introductory Profile: About Michael Wolf

My interviewee was my uncle, Michael ďMikeĒ Wolf. I interviewed him because he is deaf. Throughout the interview he repeatedly mentioned that many of the people in his life supported his being deaf. Because of this he grew up feeling as though being deaf was normal and that he was just like everyone else. These things all show that he feels very comfortable with being deaf.

My uncle is tall, has white hair, and very rarely wears anything but button-up shirts. He tends to reserve himself from the large crowd but is still opinionated. He is also a very literal person although he still enjoys joking around. And although it takes time he is a very enjoyable person to get to know.

He was born July 25, 1958 in Dallas, Texas. It was discovered that he was deaf when he was 9 months old. Growing up, he lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and attended a school for deaf children that taught him to talk and to lip read. However, when he was in fourth grade he was moved to a public school. He also grew up attending church regularly and he mentioned how that gave him another group of people that he could rely on. He attended college at A&M University and soon after college married my dadís sister, Shawna. They now have three daughters, ages 25, 22, and 19.

The tone of the interview seemed almost rehearsed. I think something that contributed to this was that I gave him a copy of the questions before hand so that he didnít have to read my lips the entire time and so that he could start thinking about what to say. But I think that by doing this he already knew exactly what to say, making the interview feel more rehearsed.

He mentioned how he was accepted in all aspects of his life. In school, in family, at church and in social activities. This helped him to feel at rest about being deaf and helped him to feel normal. I very much enjoyed hearing about the people that inspired my uncle.