Alejandro Moreno

As Interviewed by Adam Switek, March, 23, 2015
"I think the big problem is that it's been since 1986 that there was the last immigration reform, so we're talking about three decades of people living here in the shadows."
Alejandro Moreno

Introductory Profile: About Alejandro Moreno

Alejandro Moreno is a Mexican-American artist and teacher. I first came to hear about Alejandro when I was introduced to the Firsthand History project and needed an interviewee. Alejandro is a co-worker of my mom. Alejandro documents protests for social justice issues and paints about topics that are important to him. Alejandro has dark curly hair and is tall. During the interview he wore a casual light blue shirt.

In our interview, Alejandro talked about a wide variety of topics that he felt were important and that he had a large part in. The main topic that Alejandro talked about was the rights for immigrants in the USA. He also talked of the distribution of power between genders in our government, how far we’ve come, and how far we need to go as a nation. The interview took on the tone of showing victories, but also balancing that against the injustices that are still out there.