Gene Whitten-Lege

As Interviewed By Julia K., March 12, 2015
"I was so embarrassed that I remember I thought to myself that I would do anything and everything to get rid of that accent, and I did. "
Gene Whitten-Lege

Introductory Profile: About Gene Whitten-Lege

My grandfather was born in Louisiana as part of the Cajun -- or Acadian, as he refers to in the interview -- culture. His family was very poor while he was growing up, so he was forced to move to Texas so they could get work when he was six years-old. I interviewed him on his experiences when moving here and how people treated him differently.

Even though Louisiana is not far away and the move doesn’t seem very big, his experiences were equivalent to moving from one country to another. His first language was French, and he had to learn English upon moving to Texas. And for him it was a complete culture shock. He shares his thoughts and feeling with me on moving and what a different way of life Acadians live compared to the average American.