Lili Cardenas

As interviewed by Maki C., March 19, 2015
"No, that's done. We have forgiven them. They have been good to us already, and anyways, that is war."
Lili Cardenas

Introductory Profile: About Lili Cardenas

Lili Cardenas is my 94 year-old great grandmother who lived through World War 2. I first met her as a toddler when she was in her 80s. My family and I usually travel every summer to see her in her Philippine home. Unfortunately, she broke her leg while visiting her kids in California, so I called her through a Skype account while she was in the senior center. She's a very sweet person but ahe is sometimes hard to understand due to her age.

During our interview, we talked about the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. She lived through the war. She married the Surgeon General, who would talk about all kinds of war stories, most of which were horrifyingly fascinating. Because of this, the interview has a dark tone.