Albino Ledesma

As Interviewed by M.L., March 22,2015
"In combat I was just reacting to the threat, and I just did what I was trained to do. But it is after the fight when you think about what you should’ve and shouldn’t have done."
Albino Ledesma

Introductory Profile: About Albino Ledesma

Albino Ledesma, my paternal grandpa, served in the Vietnam War. He grew up all his life in Weslaco, Texas, also known as the Valley. Albino Ledesma is a tall man with dark skin. He has brown eyes and a great sense of humor. He is usually smiling, but when it is time to be serious he will be. He loves to go hunting, and auto body repair is his life. He has a garage dedicated to it.

In the interview we covered topics about his high school days and topics before was enlisted in the army. Then we talked about when he was in the war and what he thought, felt, and saw. Then we talked about after the war and the and how it affected his hometown. The tone of the interview was just really straightforward because there wasn’t a lot of funny things to be said but then there was nothing really sad or bad to have been said.

I thank my Grandpa for letting me interview him and for my family who helped me with the recording equipment.