Jack Nowicki

As Interviewed by David Dawson, March 22, 2015
"What is most misunderstood about at-risk youth is the belief that people are just rotten kids or that young people have the ability to make rational choices or can choose what is right and wrong. Kids brains are not developed enough to make logical choices."
Jack Nowicki

Introductory Profile: About Jack Nowicki

My uncle, Jack Nowicki, is a licensed social worker and approved clinical supervisor in Austin. Jack has over 35 years of experience working with families and youth, including four years in childrenís protective services, three years working in psychiatric residential treatment with adolescents, and ten years in a marriage and family counseling private practice. As a private practitioner, Jack was twice voted (í94/í95) Austinís best family therapist in the Parenting in the 90s annual readerís poll. He currently divides his time between working as a trainer for the Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS), running a private counseling practice, and teaching graduate courses in the School of Social Work at UT-Austin.

Jack is a tall, imposing man with black curly hair and black goatee. He can come across as intimidating at times, but he is also very funny and interesting to talk with. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Liz, and three grown children. He loves listening to folk and Americana music as well as gardening.

Jack had a very serious demeanor during the interview and took his time considering my questions before answering but was very talkative and tried his best to relate his stories in a way that I could understand. During the interview Jack talked about issues and challenges facing at-risk youth in Texas, such as runaways, foster, abused and homeless kids, as well as describing his views on social justice and what it means to him.