Beth Jewell

As Interviewed by Jordan Jewell, March 13, 2015
"If you see it shake or if you talk to me and I知 slurring my speech, a lot of people treat me like I知 not very smart, they may treat me like I知 not able to do something. "
Beth Jewell

Introductory Profile: About Beth Jewell

I interviewed Beth Jewell, my mother. Beth and I live together in Austin, Texas with our dog. She was born in Houston, Texas but moved to Little Rock, Arkansas when she was 5 years old. She was living in Little Rock when she had her wreck at 16 years old. In 1989 she graduated college and got a job in Kansas City where she worked at a head injury rehabilitation facility with traumatic brain injury patients. In 1999 she married Robert Jewell, and in 2002 she had her only daughter.

Beth is about 5' 7", with short brown hair and brown eyes. She is a a very sweet person and cares a lot for others. She has a good sense of humor and used it throughout the interview. She likes gardening, movies, and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC).

She has a nervous disorder, leaving her with shaking hands and slurring in her speech. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with her thinking and she is an incredibly successful and happy woman.

In the interview she talked about how she obtained her disability as well as how it affected her. We talked about what she can and cannot do, and how difficult that made college and life in general. Even though we talked about some depressing topics, the mood stayed light and we made many jokes.